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Message from the Chairman

In past Year 2017, Thailand’s economic condition did not differ from that of 2016. This was because agricultural produce, such as rice, rubber, which affects the economy overall, produced unavoidable impacts on purchasing powers. In addition, investments in public utilities were not carried out as expected within the previous year. Investments from abroad remained at a low level. The reason of most of the investors was that they were waiting for an elected government.

However, the Board of Directors of S. Khonkaen Foods Public Company Limited, as a policy-making participant, took part in advising that the Company avoid investments in new products but maximize its available property. At the same time, to analyze economic conditions in order to maximize use of data to forecast the forthcoming trend in future.

Finally, I would like to thank all shareholders, customers and suppliers, including all employees of the Company for their always good cooperation in and support to the business of the Company.

(Mr. Somchai Sakulsurarat)
Chairman of the Board of Directors