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Message from the Chief Executive Officer

In Year 2017 that has passed, the economic condition did not improve significantly. What’s more, it tended to be inferior to what had been in the previous years. This was because most people in the agricultural sector still incurred high household debts and their receipts did not correspond to their expenditures. And this cause affected their purchasing powers directly.

However, from its long-standing experience, the Company still perceived an opportunity to derive revenues and profits from some sectors that still earned income, such as the tourism sector. Moreover, the Company focused on the business of ready-to-eat foods, thereby serving the basic needs in one’s daily life. In particular, foods sold via convenience stores became more popular, resulting in the Company’s operation results in the previous year in terms of both sales turnovers and profits being regarded as an all-time new high, partly as a result of direct access to raw material sources in conjunction with a concrete cut in the expenses.

Still, I admire the work of management and employees who worked in perfect harmony and in unity until a concrete output of performance was achieved. This is therefore another chance to express my sincere thanks to everyone in every part or section for their contribution to the Company’s success beyond all

(Mr.Charoen Rujirasopon)
Chief Executive Officer